Our firm frequently represents individuals who serving as the Trustee or successor Trust of a living trust. The trust administration process is very similar to a probate proceeding but there is no court proceedings. We assist the Trustee in all aspects of the trust administrations, which includes but is not limited to:

  • Locating and valuing all trust assets.
  • Paying all creditors.
  • Sale of trust assets that will not be distributed in kind to beneficiaries.
  • Working with CPA’s to file all necessary tax returns for the decedent and the trust.
  • Preparing accountings for all receipts and disbursements of the trust.
  • Preparing a plan of final accounting and plan distribution of all trust assets.
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Often, additional trusts are created in to provide management and creditor protection for trust beneficiaries. In these instances, we work with the Trustee to establish and transfer assets to these trusts so that the successor Trustee can continue to manage and invest the trust funds for the benefit of the beneficiary. The length of time that a Trust administration takes varies widely depending upon the kind of assets owned by trust, the length of time it takes to sell real property owned by the trust, the number or creditors and the number of trust beneficiaries and whether additional trusts are created for the benefit of beneficiaries.

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Dignam Law offers personalized attention and customized solutions in estate planning. Michael F. Dignam has practiced as a tax and estate planning attorney in the Fort Myers area for over thirty five years.

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